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Saturday's List of 13: Nobody asked me, but.........(Author unknown)

13) Felt bad the other night watching a 9-minute clip of Bruce Weber’s press conference after Illinois lost at home to Purdue; at first, I thought Weber was going to resign on the spot, but he just vented for a few minutes, obviously disappointed with where his program his headed.

Rumors are out there that it might not be his program much longer, if things don’t turn around. Illinois is a talent-rich state; while there is no doubt that Weber is a skilled tactician, there is a lot of doubt whether he can recruit well enough to stay at the top of Big Dozen standings. Got to have players to win.

12) There are two main arguments against Illinois pulling the plug on Weber after this season:
a) He’s an honest man/solid coach who has taken his team to the Final Four and........
b) Illini paid football coach Ron Zook $2.6M to go away; it would cost them $3.9M more to buy out Weber’s deal.

Might be simpler to give Weber one more year to see what he can do to salvage his program, which is 60-56 in conference play since the Final Four season in 2005. Thats not exactly horrendous, just that people get greedy and expect their team to win all the time.

11) There are 120 I-A college football teams; since West Virginia bought out of its game this fall with Florida State for $350,000, Seminoles have talked to 31 different programs, trying to replace WVU on its schedule. So far, no luck, but hard to believe someone won’t take FSU’s money to go down south and get spanked in September.

Otherwise, guess they’ll schedule a I-AA opponent, which cheats the fans out of seeing a decent game.

10) Tuesday night, Creighton had one of the greatest shooting games in college basketball history; they shot a ludicrous 77.5% (31-40) from the floor, 12-14 from the arc, only 14-20 from the foul line. Weird thing is that Bluejays lost their last three games before that, supporting the theory that says defense is more of a constant than offense.

9) Speaking of hot shooting in the MVC, Indiana State set a record last week, going 12-12 from the arc in a game; it was the most made 3’s in one game without a miss.

8) One of the newest rumors has Sacramento Kings moving into the new $450M arena they’re going to build in Seattle, where they’re also trying to lure an NHL team (Islanders?). Both Seattle/Sacramento deserve an NBA team; why not the Hornets to Seattle?

7) College baseball starts this week, which is good for me, since I have about 1,000 TV stations on DirecTV, got to catch end of the Washington-San Diego State game Friday. Nothing like the sound of a composite bat meeting the cowhide ball, or something like that.......

6) Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney bagged $265,000 in bonuses for Clemson’s season LY; he passed that money onto his assistant coaches, so they could get raises. Now that’s how to foster loyalty amongst your employees.

5) NC-Charlotte is starting up a football program, which will make them a more attractive candidate for conference expansion. 49ers haven’t been same in hoops since they bolted Conference USA for the Atlantic 14.

4) Turns out that NBA players haven’t been getting their full licensing check from the Players’ Association for the last five years; union was holding back money as a war chest for players in the event of a cancelled season this year. Now the players will be getting that money. Every player makes the same amount, by the way; Lebron James gets the same licensing check that Brian Scalabrine does.

3) From Easy Decision Department: Marlins offered Cuban OF Yoenis Cespedes $36M for six years; Oakland offered him $36M for four years. Advantage, Oakland.

2) Once Final Four is over, does that mean all these college conferences start switching teams again? I mean, there is a rumor that East Carolina and Hawai’i might wind up in the same football conference. That is just plain dumb, but only slightly dumber than San Diego State/Rutgers being conference rivals, and that’s already etched in stone.

1) Been a big month in New York for greedy bastards; Gas is up to $3.87 a gallon, they’re making smaller candy bars while charging same amount, but at least Time Warner/MSG Network settled their messy dispute, in part due to demand from New Yorkers who want to watch the Knicks, now that they're good. So of course, with MSG back on cable, the Knicks go out and lose to a 7-23 team. Maybe it was Time Warner's fault.


Saturday's six-pack

-- Knicks signed JR Smith, then went out and lost to Smith's old team, the 7-23 Hornets, 89-85. Rough first half for Jeremy Lin, turning ball over eight times. New York hosts the Mavericks Sunday.

-- 76ers led Dallas 51-37 at the half, then got outscored 45-24 in second half; both teams are now 20-11. How does an NBA team, expecially a good team, score 24 points in 24 minutes?

-- Minnesota is the only NBA team with a winning road record and a losing home record; 15-16 T'wolves won 111-98 at Houston Friday, as they beat one of Coach Adelman's former employers.

-- Miami was up 23-5 at Cleveland, won by 24; can't be lot of fun for Cavalier fans to see Lebron James come to town as the enemy.

-- Monta Ellis/Russell Westbrook both got hurt in Golden State's loss at Oklahoma City. Condensed schedule is causing lot of injuries, and even if thats not the cause, people like me will say it

-- Home teams won both Bracket Buster games, VCU by 9 over UNI and Loyola Marymount over Valparaiso by 8.





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