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Here are the pics

Those Wildcats! Northwestern Women's Soccer Team Initiation Includes Pictures of Bondage, Lap Dances, and Simulated Sex Acts

In all, there are 46 pictures from the original album, posted on a public picture sharing site, that appear to document the entire evening's activities.. At first, we thought they were pretty much like others we had found: underage drinking, girls in degrading outfits for the occasion, faces written on with marker, etc. Then we turned the page and found the freshman not only blindfolded but with their hands tied behind their backs with athletic tape. On top of that, the girls are seen doing calisthenics and what appears to be forced drinking, performing skits that appear to require simulated sex acts, and then the losing skit team being forced to perform lap dances. With some research it was determined that this was the Northwestern University Women's Soccer Team. Reviewing all the pictures makes you realize just how organized these initiation rituals have become and just how serious these gals about their hazing. Sorry, "alleged hazing" since it will require an investigation by the school to determine that as fact. For now, they are just very provocative "initiation" pictures (their label), that show the freshman girls in at least four different locations over the course of several hours.

Northwestern's hazing policy:
The University forbids hazing (based on the state law, Illinois Hazing Act, 720 ILCS §120/0.01 et seq) and all other activities that interfere with the personal liberty of an individual. The University defines hazing as any action taken or situation created intentionally, whether on or off University premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Such activities and situations may include but are not limited to paddling in any form; creation of excessive fatigue; physical and psychological shocks; quests, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, road trips, or any other such activities carried on outside the confines of the University; wearing apparel that is conspicuous and not normally in good taste; engaging in stunts and buffoonery; requiring sleepovers or morally degrading or humiliating games and activities; late work sessions or activities that interfere with scholastic activities and/or normal sleeping hours; forced consumption of alcohol; falsely leading an individual or individuals to believe that they will be inducted/initiated by participating in particular activities; and forcing individuals to participate in activities that are not consistent with the University’s mission, rules, regulations, and policies or federal, state, or local law. Alcohol is not permitted at any recruitment or new member/pledge activity. Acceptance of an activity on the part of a new member or individual does not justify participation in or sponsorship of the activity.

From a album posted online under the name Freshman Initiation!!

Picture 1 (1 of 46 originals) Original caption: Our "uniforms"

There are 46 pictures in all from this online album. It starts with the freshman putting on their "uniforms" for the evening: t-shirts, underwear and high top socks. The girls are see in later pictures walking across campus dressed this way.

Picture 2 (44 of 46) Caption: waiting to be punished..

Out of order for some reason, but this shows the girls waiting anxiously before the hazing begins.

Picture 3 (11 of 46) Caption: in the elevator..

Several pictures show the freshman waiting in what appears to be the lobby of an apartment complex. Sometimes they are smiling, sometimes not. Then this one appears to show them in an elevator. Note that the upperclassmen appear to be reading to them from some kind of prepared script for their "skits." This is another indication of how well-planned this initiation was.

Picture 4 (12 of 46) Caption: lined up outside..

More waiting outside what appears to be an apartment. Some of those faces look a little concerned, don't they?

Picture 5 (14 of 46) Caption: more 7's

The first signs of what could be considered hazing: forced exercise and alcohol. There are several like this one and in at least one, one of the freshman is shown drinking. Referring to the original caption, I am not sure what a "7" is, but it appears to be a sit-up crunch of some kind. Anyone?

Picture 6 (45 of 46) Caption: chugging...

Also out of order, but shows the results of the forced exercise in the previous shot. Have a beer!

Picture 7 (16 of 46) Caption: waiting to go in some basement..

The second picture to show the freshman blindfolded. The first is in the elevator again, showing that they must have been blindfolded and tied up a the apartment seen in earlier pictures and then transported to this now third location of the evening. The upperclassmen seem to be smiling, but the faces of all the freshman are deadly serious.

Picture 8 (17 of 46) (No caption)

The next picture in the set, showing them going into "the basement"

Picture 9 (18 of 46) Caption: getting written on..
Probably the creepiest one of the set: not only are they blindfolded and tied up, but now they are being written on with markers not only on their shirts, but their bodies as well. In the enlargement beneath it you can see that the girl in the background has had a penis drawn on her right cheek. Their are also other sexually suggestive and derogatory terms written elsewhere that are easier to see in later pictures.

Picture 10 (19 of 46) Caption: steph rico and kels

Well, at least the upperclassmen appear to be having fun at this point of the initiation.

Picture 11 (29 of 46) Caption: getting ready for team #2 to do their skit..

Released from their blindfolds and wrist restraints, the freshmen are now appear to be learning their skits, apparently choreographed by the upperclassmen as shown here. It's also clear in this picture how thoroughly their bodies were written on.

Picture 12 & 13 (32 & 33 of 46) Caption #12: hahahaha
Caption #13: yeah they won..

After several more pictures of the girls doing their skit choreography, this appears to be another duo performing their "skit". According to the caption, this action helped them win. Think they would have done this on their own?

Picture 14 (35 of 46) Caption: going to the soccer boys house..
They now appear to be heading to the fourth location of the night, identified in the picture caption as "the soccer boys house."

Picture 15 (41 of 46) Caption: our punishment for losing the skit....lap dances for the soccer boys..

The punishment for losing in the skit competition? Apparently giving lap dances to the guys on the soccer team . . . if you believe the caption.

Picture 16 (46 of 46) Caption: embarrassing
Lap dancing as seen from the other angle. The guys are just hating this, aren't they?
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