2019 NFL draft: 6 teams that should trade back in the 1st round


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The first wave of free agency is over, with teams attempting to fill any holes they had with proven players. With the 2019 NFL draft less than a month away, every franchise will look to take care of any remaining needs they have and build for the future.
However, not every team should stick where they’re at. A number of teams have a bunch of holes they need to try and fill and need the additional draft picks. Others will just find better value if they trade back from where they currently stand in the first round of the 2019 NFL draft.
These six teams should be on the phones trying to trade back with another team.

Arizona Cardinals - Either they have their quarterback of the future in Josh Rosen or they really do want Kyler Murray like has been rumored. Regardless, they could likely find a guy like Murray or another player they really want later in the first round while picking up a king’s ransom for the No. 1 pick in the 2019 NFL draft. With so many needs remaining on their roster, it makes more sense for them to try and pick up as many selections in the top 100 as possible.

Los Angeles Rams - The Rams don’t have a second-round pick but thanks to being the runners up last season, they hold the No. 31 selection. For many teams, there is plenty of value late in the first round thanks to the fifth-year option those players get. Since they’re already effectively picking second-round talent due to their late first-round status, trading back makes sense for Los Angeles. They could add picks for Day 2 of the 2019 NFL draft, while still grabbing the same caliber of talent they had available at No. 31.

New York Jets - While the Jets were movers and shakers in free agency this offseason, they have a whole bunch of holes on their roster that need to be addressed. Having selected their franchise quarterback in Sam Darnold in the 2018 NFL draft, New York is in a great spot to trade back.
The Jets could trade their No. 3 pick to a quarterback-needy team and bolster their stockpile of picks. With no second-round selection and only six total picks in the 2019 NFL draft, New York could set themselves up nicely by trading back only a few spots.

Baltimore Ravens - The Ravens absolutely love trading back and picking up additional draft selections. Baltimore also has no second-round pick this year thanks to the trade up for quarterback Lamar Jackson in the 2018 NFL draft. Given their biggest need is at wide receiver and the best value for them will be in the second and third rounds, trading back makes sense for the Ravens.

Seattle Seahawks - The Seahawks have a grand total of four selections in the 2019 NFL draft, by far the fewest of any team this year. Even worse is Seattle has a bunch of holes on their roster as the last of the Legion of Doom defense left in free agency. With big needs at wide receiver, cornerback and offensive line, the Seahawks could trade back and pick up more good players at positions of need.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Buccaneers are likely looking to build their roster in new coach Bruce Arians’ vision. That means they could use more picks in the 2019 NFL draft to do that. Even though they have a nice spread of selections, their No. 5 pick is prime territory for quarterback-hungry teams. Since Arians and the Buccaneers seem comfortable with Jameis Winston at quarterback, trading back and either getting more picks in the 2019 draft or aiming for another first-round pick in the 2020 draft would be a far wiser move for a team that’s rebuilding.