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    Huge day Las Vegas (play of the week) Minnesota straight up double wager Tampa Bay all day
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    CFB Saturday

    Tennessee Va Tech
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    Added This one confirmed by the private players Southern Miss -5 It’s now time to move some cash
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    Triple Play Western Kentucky
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    CFB The Game of the Week

    Chanticleers -28 I got these guys winning by 40-50 points -28 is a mistake
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    Wednesday Triple Play

    Seattle + 147 Personal redemption for Newsome Team has vowed a victory for Newsome tonight Hit this one hard and hit it often as Christmas has come early
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    MLB Tuesday Biggie

    Triple Play Backs +135
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    2nd Half Wager Dallas -0.5
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    Westgate top picks

    Love the call Thanks
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    Las Vegas -3 Washington +6 (Triple Play) Arizona +6
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    WC Totals Play Vegas/Stars Over 5.5
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    Adding: North Carolina -24 Norte Dame -21 3-0 day looks good
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    Appy St -17
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    9/7 CFB 5-3 ytd

    Nice I’m on the latter as well It’s just an obvious winner Gl J
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    MLB Solid Play for Sunday

    Ariz + 128 Young is in the right spot here Also play on SF Giants under team total They cannot and will not extract any offense today vs Young
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    MTS/Army under 54.5
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    WCPlay tonight again

    Vancouver +212 What the hell has happened to Vegas? #3 and 4 is not even close It’s just embarrassing Unbelievable Loading up on Nucks tonight again
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    WC Play tonight

    Vancouver +209 Excellent practice today They looked so good
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    MLB Solid Play

    ‘nati -1.5 +125 Do not miss out Line ups and depth is one sided Total mismatch Must capitalize on this one
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    NHL today

    Stars/Rox under 5.5